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The Girl Child

The Girl Child- OUR ASSET

The woman of today is not just an extension of her male counterpart but an individual in her own rights, ready to bloom and blossom into a fragrant flower. After education at ASPCS, where she learns to match her wits with her peers, she finds herself proficient in social graces enabling her to walk shoulder to shoulder with the very best in society.
At ASPCS, we equip the Girl Child with values and qualities that makes her a Woman of Substance.

Our Motto :- "To nurture our Girl child into a graceful lady."


Over and above academics, we impart value added lessons in Home ScienceGood House KeepingEtiquette & Manners, Beauty and HealthPersonality DevelopmentOutdoor ActivitiesHobbies and Skills refinementFlower Making, Nail Art, Mehendi, Drawing, Oil painting, Music, Dance to give full throttled expression to the innate qualities of the girl.